Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly held its stakeholders consultative meeting on 27th April, 2022 at the Municipal Assembly Hall. One of the mandate of the Assembly was to engage relevant public organization whose operation fall within their jurisdiction to disseminate their activities to the citizenry.


 Cross section of the MCD, representatives from various companies, Assembly members and HOD

A representative from the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), Mr Akuffo Dartey said, the duty of GRIDCo is to provide metering and billing services to bulk customers and also to carry out transmission system planning, to reliably transmit electric energy in Ghana. He added that, right of way management is one of their major challenges faced. He said, a live patrol team for monthly, quarterly, and annually has been set to patrol in order to enforce citizenry to adhere to the laydown instructions.  Mr. Dartey further explained that, GRIDCo will need the help of MMDA’s  and the citizens to embark on every demolishing exercise they want to carry out.

                  Mr Akuffo Dartey making his presentation

Mr. Eric Adjetey from Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) said ECG is a limited liability owned by the government and in between VRA and ECG we have GRIDCo. He elaborated that, the core mandate of ECG is to transmit and purchase electricity energy in bulk for distribution and also to supervise National electrifica l programmes on behalf of Government. He explained that, metres are imported and since there are no metres available due to the effect of covid-19, Alpha T&G company now supplies ECG with metres. Mr Adjetey added that for an extension to be given, a proposal must be written to justify why an extension should be given out but if the area is not added to the budget it will be difficult for ECG to provide extension. Mr. Eric Adjetey concluded his presentation by highlighting some of their challenges as; Non-payment of bills, harsh sea effect on equipment along the areas, high commercial losses transformer vandalisation among others.

                  Mr Eric Adjetey presenting on behalf of ECG

Volta River Authority representative, Mr Sam Fletcher for his part said that, the gas used at VRA is different from the one used in various homes. He drew attention that, the company uses natural gas instead of crude oil to avoid air pollution from occurring. Mr. Fletcher highlighted some areas VRA has supported thus: providing lab equipment to Kpone SHS, offering scholarship to student, supporting Kpone festival celebration and also about to distribute street light to Asare Bediako electoral area. He ended his presentation by saying that, the various companies should get a structured relationship with the Assembly because the people must be educated as to how and where to dump refuse.

              Cross section of heads of department, Assembly members



Dignitaries who graced the meeting are; Mr Michael Owusu-Amoako (MCD), Mr Joseph Gbeze (Presiding), Kpone traditional council, Heads of department and Assembly members.