The Human Resource Department of Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the National Ambulance Service Unit on 24th June, 2022 organised a training program on basic life support (BLS) for heads of departments and their assistants.

The Human Resource Manager, Madam Shalom Afari welcomed and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all heads of department and their assistant for participating in the training program. She urged all participants to involve and participate in everything the facilitator teaches.

     Madam Shalom Afari welcoming participants

Mr Martin Donkor; a Senior Advance Emergency Technician and facilitator for the training program gave the purpose of training program as equipping participants to develop confidence in handling emergencies at home, workplaces or in mass gathering before seeking for help. He further explained that basic life support which can also be referred to as first aid is the immediate assistance or treatment given to someone injured or suddenly ill before the arrival of appropriate assistance. He added that having a fair knowledge about first aid is enormously expedient because it helps to limit worsening condition and also preserve life.

  Mr. Martin Donkor, giving explanations to participants

Participants were taken through practical sessions on how to lift and move patients safely during an emergency and equipment in the ambulance. As first aiders, they were advised to minimise the risk of cross-infection by following up to date guidelines. They were also cautioned to take their personal safety into consideration when giving assistance to an injured person.


            Participants taken through practical aspect

Mr. Donkor and Madam Shalom Afari in their closing remark thanked all participants for making time out of their busy schedule to make the training program a successful one.