The Kpone-Katamanso Municipal has recruited about 518 enumerators and 81 supervisors towards the 2021 Population & Housing census (PHC). The field enumerators and supervisors were trained from the 1st June, 2021 to 11TH June, 2021 at the Kpone Community Day Senior High school. The trainees were taken the 2021 population & housing census manual and questionaires and the Computer Assisted Personal Interviewer (CAPI). The trainees were also taught how to interview respondents.

 On the 10th June, 2021 all supervisors and enumerators took the oath of secrecy as required by the law. This is ensure that they treat all census information confidential. The Municipal Coordinator Director, Mr. Michael Owusu Amaoko administered the oath of secrecy to the census officials.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Owusu Amoako administering the oath of secrecy

At the moment, the field workers have been grouped into 81 teams to list all structures in the municipality. 

Enumerators and supervisors taking the oath of secrecy

The Information Services Department of Kpone-Katamanso Municipal in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has embarked on a public sensitization exercise to educate residents within the municipality about the upcoming 2021 PHC.

Radio discussion on the 2021 PHC by the ISD.

The sensitization team led by Madam Rebecca Osei- Mensah (ISD) and Mr. Seth Sotie of the NCCE have visited schools, mosques and some health facilities to educate residents about the relevance of the 2021 PHC. Jingles on the census have also been played in 10 community information centers at Kpone, Kokompe, Shangai, Golf city, Saki, Oyibi and Bawaleshie.  Radio discussion on the importance of the PHC have also been done on Obonu TV and Valley View Radio. There have also been street announcements in all the zonal councils on the census. Posters and banners on the 2021 PHC have also been placed at vantage points across the municipality.