The National Youth Authority (NYA) of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal office organized their first session of the second youth parliament sitting on 10th November 2021. The topic of the debate for discussion was ‘Digital resilience, the role of the youth’

In her opening remarks, the Director of the NYA, Mrs. Janice Anaman-Mensah said the youth parliament is an initiative enshrined in the 2010 National Youth Policy of the National Youth Authority (NYA) is aimed at providing the youth with an official platform where the young people learn how to express their views and participate effectively in decision-making processes in the various developmental issues. She explained that the NYA has a vision of becoming a unique public sector youth development service delivery organization. The youth parliament also seeks to inculcate into the youth values of democratic practice, instill and reinforce positive attitudes that will model them to be agents of positive change.

                    Youth parliament audience humbly seated at the program

The Municipal Chief Executive of KKMA, Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah in his welcome address to formally open the first session of the second sitting of the youth parliament noted that parliament remains the pivot around which democracy revolves. He added that the Youth Parliament intends to create a diplomatic channel through which the youth can contribute to national debates and decision-making process especially on issues that borders on their future. He said the topic for debate is appropriate because the youth are greatly exposed to the internet. He explained that even though the internet has brought into most economies innovative ways and fast ways doing things it has its own bad sides that most of the youth fall victims to. Hon. Amanquah therefore advised the youth to utilize the internet in a safe and secured manner that will develop their capabilities and ultimately propel national development

Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah addressing the youth parliament

Madam Awo Aidam Amenyah, the Executive Director of child online Africa speaking on digital resilience touched on the desire, usefulness and challenges the youth face online. She advised participants on the need to plan online routine to avoid risk, image abuses and personal information hack to occur. The speaker in her speech emphasized on what a resilient young person will have to do to properly plan his/ her online life. Madam Amenyah educated the audience that supporting young people resilience building can be done through encouraging the youth to report harm and to avoid the risk of current cyber occurrence. Madam Amenyah mentioned the 5 digital doors (5cs) as cross-cutting, content, conduct, contract and contact. She explained to participants to report anything uncomfortable that happens to them online to the appropriate authorities. Again, she urged participants to think carefully before posting anything about their personal stuff online. She recommended the usage of strong password to prevent hacking of accounts. She admonished the audience to avoid the use of the same E-mail account for all social media handles.

   Madam Awo Aidam Amenyah educating the youth on digital resilience


The Kpone Katamanso Municipal youth parliamentarians extensively debated on the topic.






Credit: Information Services Department