Residents within the ONSBAC Zonal council in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal and other stakeholders turned up massively to participate in a clean-up exercise organised by the ONSBAC Zonal council Environmental health staff in collaboration with the traditional council. The program was held on the 4th September, 2021 and as early as 5:30 am a cross section of the public had gathered at Saduase community and its environs to commence the exercise.

 Youth of Saduase scooping rubbish from gutters at the clean up program

The exercise was also led by the Assembly member of the Onukpai-Abu electoral area; Honourable Emmanuel Annan Akoto. He mobilized the youth of the area to effectively participate in the clean-up exercise and advised them not to wait until such clean- ups were organised before cleaning their environment.

Chiefs and elders being sensitised on stray animals

The essence of the clean-up campaign was to clear undeveloped parcels of land after an intensive public sensitization exercise by the staff of the Environmental Health Officers. Residents were educated to keep their environment clean at all times by clearing bushy or weedy places to prevent snakes and other reptiles’ invasion in their communities. The chiefs and elders of Saduase were also educated on the importance of housing domestic animals so that they don’t stray and destroy properties in the communities.

As part of the clean-up exercise, residents swept the entire community neatly. They also weeded and burnt rubbish as well as scooped the silt and other waste from choked gutters into wheel barrows.