The Human Resource Unit of the Kpone- Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) on 3rd June, 2021 organized a one day training program on basic fire awareness for heads of department and units and their assistants.  The essence of the training program was to sensitize participants on fire safety and how to handle fires when they break out.

Madam Shalom Afari, Head of the HR Unit in an opening remarks said that fire is a good servant as well a bad master depending on how it is utilized. She noted that there’s a lot of fire disasters in recent times and it has become necessary that knowledge is acquired on basic fire and how to prevent it. In view of this, the Assembly has decided to have this important workshop for staff to create the awareness.

The resource persons for the training program Mr. Jonas Abladey, the Health & Safety Director of KKMA and District Fire Officer (DFO)1 Hughes Lartey  of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) took participants through topics such as causes of fire, methods of heat transfer, classes of fire, types of extinguisher and principles of combustion.

In a power point presentation, DFO1 Hughes Lartey explained to the participants that acquiring knowledge about fire safety is very essential since it goes a long way to ensure that no fires occur.  The facilitator stipulated the various causes of fire such as loose or frayed cords, overloading of sockets as well as careless smoking. He encouraged the participants to take the knowledge acquired on fire and its prevention seriously and how to extinguish fire when it should occur. Mr. Lartey however, was appreciative for the organization of the training to enable awareness to be created regarding fires, its outbreak and how it could be curbed. In view of this, he commended the Human Resource Department for the initiative taken to impart knowledge to staff.

DFO1 Hughes Lartey addressing participants

For his part, Mr. Jonas Abladey effectively explained to participants the fire triangle that comprises of heat, oxygen and fuel. He said the prevention of any one of these three components avoids unnecessary fire outbreak.  With the aid of pictorial presentations, he demonstrated how to identify hazards and risks at the offices, homes or shops to participants.

Mr. Jonas Abladey, Health & Safety Director in an interaction with participants

Participants were also taken through firefighting practicals and taught how to detect the direction of the wind and the right posture one must take when dousing a fire. Most of the participants had the opportunity to try their hands on the various types of fire extinguisher that were brought for practicals.   

DFO1 Hughes Lartey demonstrating how to use the fire extinguisher to participants.

Heads of department and units at the training program.