An effective Management Information System has the following Objectives:
• The objective of MIS is to provide information for decision making on planning, initiating,
organizing, and controlling the operations of the subsystems of the firm and to provide a
synergistic organization in the process.
• It facilitates the decisions-making process by furnishing information in the proper time frame.
This helps the decision-maker to select the best course of action.
• MIS provide requisite information at each level of management to carry out their functions.
• MIS provide a system of people, computers, procedures, and interactive query facilities,
documents for collecting, and storing, retrieving and transmitting information to the users.
Simply MIS stand For Management Information System. For Simply Understanding Management
Information System (MIS) we can divide in to three Word and Understand Part by part
Management: – “Management is function to do the work at the Right time, by the right Person, for the Right Job.”
Information: – “Information is the Collection of Organized data which plays a Vital Role for
decision making.”
System:-“System Consist for a set of elements which Provides a Framework to convert
Unorganized (Data) into Organized Information.
The department must meet multiple business and technical requirements, provide a secure IT
infrastructure and minimize costs, according to a Gartner survey.