As part of bringing governance to the doorstep of residents, a community engagement was organized by the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) at the ONBAC Zonal Council on 11th June, 2024.

Residents of Oyibi and Saduase had the opportunity to interact with the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE); Hon Samuel Oko Amanquah and heads of Department who accompanied him.

Hon Samuel Oko Amanquah addressing residents at Oyibi

Hon Amanquah, in his welcome address said the purpose of the engagement was to obtain firsthand knowledge of challenges faced by residents in the various Electoral areas within the Municipality. He encouraged residents to come out with their grievances and also offer effective suggestions about how the entire Municipal can be transformed to positively impact the lives of the populace.


Cross section of residents at MCE’s Community Engagement at Oyibi

During the open forum, residents asked questions about the bad roads, inadequate classroom blocks, lack of portable drinking water, cases of armed robbery, streetlights, delay in acquiring building permits, lack of drainage systems in the Municipality, unavailability of dumping sites and toilet facilities. Questions were also asked about the school feeding program, gravelling and grading works undertaken, social vices among the youth, among others.

Hon Samuel Amanquah and the heads of Department answered all questions asked and assured residents their problems would be addressed.

Present at the program were the Presiding Member of KKMA, Hon William Nuertey Josiah, chiefs, opinion leaders, unit committee members and Assembly Members.

Cross section of residents at MCE’s Community Engagement at Saduase




The Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) on the 30th May, 2024 organized a community engagement at Kubekro and Katamanso. The engagement forms part of Government policy of bringing governance to the doorstep of residents.

Hon Dr. Samuel Oko Amanquah, the MCE in his opening remarks said the Assembly is trying its best to put the Municipality on a good developmental ladder. He urged the residents to feel free to come to the Assembly when they needed help and also offer effective suggestions that would accelerate the development of the entire Municipality. Hon MCE also briefed residents on the developmental projects undertaken so far. The MCE was accompanied by the Presiding Member; Hon William Nuertey Josiah and some heads of Department.

MCE addressing residents at Kuberkro


Some of the issues raised during the open forum included;

  • Poor road network in the Municipality.
  • Unavailability of potable drinking water in the various communities.
  • Non-functioning of street lights
  • Lack of infrastructure such as police station, drainage systems, marketplace.
  • Presence of land guards.
  • Inadequate educational infrastructure
  • Perennial flooding
  • Cases of armed robbery
  • Delay in acquiring building permit
  • High rate of unemployment among the youth.

Cross section of residents at MCE’s Community Engagement at Kubekro


Reacting to the concerns raised by residents, the Hon MCE assured residents that a bridge would be constructed at Kubekro to serve the masses.

Touching on the water issue in the Municipality, Hon Amanquah appealed to officially write to the Assembly about the issue. He further explained that it is the duty of the Ghana Water Company to provide water to citizens; he added that the Assembly exist to facilitate the process.

On the provision of drainage systems, the Hon MCE stated that all the details have been sent to the government after a thorough inspection by the Municipal Engineer.

Speaking about the provision of infrastructure in the Municipality, he encouraged residents to pay their business operation permit, daily tolls, property rates, licenses, building permits, etc. so that the Assembly cam generate revenue to provide infrastructure or undertake developmental projects.

On the concerns raised about cases of armed robbery and activities of land guards, Hon Amanquah said he would refer the matter to the Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC) for the necessary action to be taken. He tasked citizens to form neighborhood watch committee in the various electoral areas.

In a response to the provision of marketplace, the MCE disclosed that the Assembly has acquired twelve plot of land at New York for a marketplace to enhance buying and selling. He tasked the Municipal Engineer to fix all streetlights which were not functioning in the Municipality so that they can serve their intended purposes.

On the poor road network, he emphasized that the Assembly has been lobbing over the years for the construction of the roads. However, most residents have put containers/kiosks on the roads making it difficult for the construction to take place. Nii Ernest Bodzwa, the regent of Kubekro for his part said he would partner with KKMA to let the law deal with such residents. He thanked the MCE and his entourage for the engagement. Nii Bodzwa was also grateful to residents for attending the program in their numbers.

At Katmanso, similar issues were raised. The Regent of Katamanso, Hon Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo graced the occasion.

Cross section of residents at MCE’s Community Engagement at Katamanso




The Coastal Development Authority (CODA) on   the 13th of May, 2024 handed over a new three-unit classroom block to Kubekro KKMA Basic School in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly to improve quality education in the area. The classroom block also included a common room and an office for the head teacher.

Mr. Tahiru Dassana, the Acting Greater Accra Regional Director for the Coastal Development Authority, stated that the facility handed over to the Assembly was in response to the need for more classrooms within the municipality, especially at the Kubekro KKMA Basic School, to boast education.

Mr. Dassana appealed to the school authorities and the Assembly to help maintain the facility, adding that doing so would encourage CODA to come to their aid whenever they needed more infrastructure.

Dr. Samuel Okoe Amanquah, the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), expressed gratitude to CODA for the classroom block, indicating that the municipality was faced with infrastructural challenges in the educational sector as it had limited structures to support the student population of the area.

He said the municipality has a population of over 400,000 with a large number of students and limited classrooms to study in; therefore, the facility handed over to the 

“The Assembly will bring on board private sectors and industries to do their part by donating school blocks to the education sector to reduce the number of schools running shift systems,” he noted.

Mr. Harry Evans Arthur, the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Director of Education, thanked CODA for the classroom block, noting that the assembly had written to companies and individual philanthropists to come to their aid for the provision of more facilities to eradicate or reduce the shift system within the municipality.

He urged the students to take advantage of the facility and ensure that they study hard at school and home for success in their examinations.



A staff durbar held on Friday, 26th April 2024 at the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly was aimed at addressing issues concerning the welfare of Assembly’s staff. The meeting was presided over by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah and Mr. Mohammed Ali Amadu, the Municipal Coordinating Director.

Hon Amaquah delivering his welcome address

During his address, Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah spoke about the challenges faced by the Assembly and how the Assembly intends to address them.

Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah emphasized that improving the welfare of staff is important for the Assembly to achieve its objectives and urged members of staff to remain committed to their work. He added that the Assembly is committed to providing better working conditions for staff and will work towards addressing the challenges they were currently facing.

The MCD; Mr Mohammed Amadu answering questions during the open forum.

During the open forum, Mohammed Ali Amadu, the Municipal Coordinating Director, facilitated a productive question and answer session that addressed various concerns of staff.

Cross-section of staffs at the staff durbar.

Staffs making submissions.

The issues discussed included offering mechanization for IGF staff, enabling staff to take accumulated leave, providing incentives for overtime, and promotions for IGF staff.

In a related update, there were representatives from agencies like CalBank who attended the staff meeting to discuss their products and services.

Management and staffs alike were excited about the chance for beneficial exchange, thanks to the platform of the staff meeting.



As part of ensuring environmental cleanliness within communities gave towards the promotion of good health and productivity, regular cleaning of residential premises and public places must be encouraged. It is in light of this that the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) in collaboration with the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit (EHSU) of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly undertook a clean-up exercise on Friday, 19th April, 2024 at the Nmlitsakpo taxi station.

The clean-up exercise brought together the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of KKMA, the Member of Parliament for Kpone Constituency, Assembly members and dozens of National Service Personnel from various disciplines, who were all assigned specific areas within the community to clean. The personnel worked tirelessly in cleaning some of the streets, gutters, and open drains in the community. They also desilted choked gutters that were hindering the flow of water in the community.

During the exercise, the personnel educated the community members on good sanitation practices and how to dispose of waste properly. They emphasized the need to segregate waste to make recycling easier. They also advised them to avoid littering the environment. The community members seemed very receptive to the information provided and promised to put the advice into practice in their daily lives.

Hon. Oko Amanquah (MCE) in an interview with Kantaka TV entreated the community folks to desist from dumping refuse in the gutters with the notion that it will be carried away when it rains. He said that anyone caught in the action would be made to face the law.

Hon. Joseph Akuerteh Tetteh (MP) applauded the National Service personnel for undertaking the clean-up campaign. He appealed to the traders to keep their environment clean at all times.

Mr. Emmanuel Lartey; the NSS Manager, in an interview with Kantanka TV pleaded with the government to create avenues to absorb the National Service personnel after their service.

The exercise lasted for about four hours, and at the end of the day, a significant number of debris had been cleared from the community. The personnel also planted a few trees and flowers in some areas to add a touch of beauty to the community.

The President of the National Service Personnel Association; Mr Theodore Teidjain assured residents of Nmlitsakpo that the clean -up exercise was not a one-time event but would be the beginning of a continuous effort aimed at maintaining good sanitation practices in the community.


In conclusion, the Nmlitsakpo clean-up exercise organized by the National Service Personnel Association was a success. It brought members of the community together to create a clean and healthy environment. It is also a testament to the commitment of National Service Personnel towards sustainable development and their willingness to impact positively on the lives of residents in communities in which they serve.



The four (4) Zonal Councils in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) Zonal Council were inaugurated following the successful District Level elections on 19th December, 2023. The Kpone and Kamsberg Zonal councils were inaugurated on 15th April 2024 whilst the Zekkas and Onbac Zonal Councils were inaugurated on 16th April, 2024.

The inaugural address delivered by the Presiding Member; Hon William Nuertey Josiah highlighted on some key issues. He called for collective commitment in organizing communal and voluntary programs, mobilizing members for self-help and developmental projects and also ensuring that the problems in the electoral areas are identified and addressed. He emphasized that the occasion marked another milestone towards decentralization and local government objectives. Hon. Josiah encouraged the newly elected Zonal Council members to put in their maximum efforts in ensuring that the objectives of the Local governance are met. He called for a collective commitment in ensuring development within the various electoral areas.

Inaugural address by the Presiding Member, Hon. William Nuertey Josiah

He admonished the Unit Committee members to improve the administration front of their various electoral areas. He took them through the model standing orders for Unit Committee members and advised the Councillors to avoid partisan politics in the discharge of their duties.

Swearing in of newly elected Unit Committee members

Election of chairpersons

The following people were elected as chairpersons for the various Zonal Councils

  1. Kpone Zonal Council Hon Regina Dede Amanquah
  2. Kamsberg Zonal Council Hon Abdul Rahim
  3. Zekkas Zonal Council Joshua Afutu Bortey
  4. Onbac Zonal Council

There was formation of sub-committees i. e. Finance and Administration and Development Services Committees.

The Zonal Council members selected three languages namely; English, Ga and Twi as the languages to be used at Council meetings.



The Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) on the 13th April 2024 organized a town hall meeting with the chiefs and people of the Kpone to render an account of their stewardship to residents as stipulated in Act 936 that ‘a district Assembly shall enable residents and stakeholders in the district to participate efficiently in the activities of the District Assembly and the sub- districts Assembly’


Cross section of participants at the town hall meeting

The Municipal Chief Executive; Hon. Samuel Oko Amanquah in his welcome address called on all stakeholders to support the Assembly financially and logistically to enable it fulfil its set development agenda. He disclosed that the revenue generated from the Central Government is woefully insufficient to cater for a densely populated area such as Kpone Katamanso.

Touching on the water crisis facing Kpone and its environs, Hon. Amanquah urged residents to exercise restraint as plans to address the water challenges in the Municipality are in earnest. He stressed that the Assembly is working in tandem with the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) and international grant organizations to offer sponsorship support.

The Municipal Chief Executive; Hon. Samuel Oko Amanquah addressing participants

In a PowerPoint presentation, Madam Sakina Nyankamawu, the Municipal Planning Officer highlighted the Assembly’s earmarked projects and activities as well as policy decision that are being implemented for sustainable development of the Municipality. She further explained that some of the projects being executed included potholes patching, construction of classroom blocks, health facilities and a modern market at Kpone. Under security and governance, she touched on signage/street naming installation, distribution of street lights and support for persons with disabilities. She emphasized that, the Assembly has made head way in planting for export and rural development, pest management training, tree planting exercise and training in grass cutter and rabbit rearing.

Madam Sakina mentioned some of the challenges facing the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly as boundary disputes, inadequate funds for the execution and implementation of projects and programs, delay in the release of funds for timely execution of projects, poor road networks, inadequate office space, overcrowding in schools and loss of arable land to estate developers.

Madam Sakina Nyankamaw; Municipal Planning Officer giving a presentation on the projects being carried out by the Assembly

For his part, Mr John Fiagbor, the Municipal Budget Officer took participants through the sources of revenue for the Assembly. He explained that sources of revenue for the Assembly included basic rate, property rate, fees, fines, licenses, grants and rent of lands and buildings. He also touched on the expenditure performance and revenue generated for the year 2023.

Mr John Fiagbor; Municipal Budget Analyst taking participants through the various sources of revenue for the Assembly and the expenditure performance

Residents who attended the town hall meeting were given the opportunity to ask questions and also offer suggestions that will accelerate the development of the Municipality.

A resident asking questions pertaining to presentations made.



The Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) in 2023 recorded more than GHS29.35 million as against an estimated GHS37.88 million revenue for the year, representing 77.48 per cent performance.

Dr Samuel Okoe Amanquah, the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Chief Executive, disclosed this on 4th April, 2024 in a sessional address during a General Assembly meeting.

Dr Amanquah explained that the accrued revenue was from Internally Generated Funds (IGF),the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF), Government of Ghana (GoG) grants, the District Performance Assessment Tool/Response Factor Grant {DPAT/RFG), donor funds, and the Modernizing  Agriculture in Ghana Programme (MAG-Agric).

He said while the Assembly budgeted GHS22.87 million in IGF revenue, the actual revenue collected was GHSl 8.72 million, representing 81.88 per cent of the estimated.

He said the Assembly received GHSl .89 million out of a budgeted GHS4.95 million under the DACF.

The Government of Ghana grants gave the KKMA GHS8.69 million compared to the budgeted GHS8.49 million for 2023.

The MCE indicated that even though the Assembly was unable to meet its revenue target for 2023, the actual revenue figure showed there was an improved IGF.

Performance of GHS2.4 million, translating to almost 14.77 per cent over the 2022 figure of GHSl 6.31 million.

Dr. Amanquah noted that the year 2023 was fraught with several challenges that inhibited the Assembly’s effort in the collection of IGF revenue.

“Typical among them is the takeover of property rate collection by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), which resulted in the IGF revenue shortfall of more than GHS2.96 million,” he stated.

He said other challenges were the inability of the Assembly to enforce development control and building permits in some parts of the municipality due to boundary and chieftaincy disputes, leading to the activities of land guards in some cases, and the non-payment of public toilet fees.

Touching on the KKMA’s expenditure for 2023, he noted that out of a budgeted GHS 37.88 million the Assembly recorded an actual expenditure of GHS 29.71 million, showing 78.43 per cent of the estimated expenditure.




Dr Samuel Okoe Amanquah, the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), has sad 35 road projects within the municipality were worked on by the Assembly in 2023, to enhance the free movement of people, goods, and services.

Dr Amanquah said the projects were funded from the Internally Generated Funds (IGF), the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF), and nine other Ghana Roads Funded Projects, which were at different completion stages. 

The MCE announced this on 4th April, 2024 at the general meeting of the assembly and said the road facelifting projects included reshaping re-gravelling spot improvement, and the construction of slabs and culverts. 

He said the continuous investment of large portions of the IGF in capital and infrastructure projects was aimed at improving the livelihoods of the people of Kpone-Katamanso. 

Dr Amanquah said the road and minor drainage works also took place in communities such as Green Hill Area, Gbetsile, Bethlehem-Saki, Naanoman, Bawaleshi, Saaduasi, PS Global, Kpone, Zenu, Saasabi, Kubekro, and Oyibi, among others. 

The MCE said although these roads were completed, the Urban Roads Department was currently carrying out a reassessment for correctional work to be done on some of them with the onset of the rains. 

He said some of them deteriorated, hence the need for urgent attention to facilitate the free movement of people, goods, and services. 

Dr Amanquah said the Assembly collaborated with the Department of Urban Roads for the ongoing construction of the bridges at Prince Bar-Kubekro Sabra Farm-Zenu; Ngmlitsakpo poultry farm; Akweley and Akuorkor-Kpone; and the Borger Bridge-Kpone. 

The completion of these bridges would go a long way to address the flooding problems in the communities, especially during the rainy season. 

The MCE said other projects undertaken in 2023 included the completion of a two-storey police station at Oyibi and the construction of a Community Health-Based Planning Services (CHPS) compound at Nmlitsakpo. 

Mr Gorge Nuertey, the Assembly member for the Hebron electoral area, commended the MCE and the assembly for face-lifting some of the roads and embarking on other projects that his area benefited from. 

He said it was an attestation to the residents that their representatives pushed for development in their areas.  



The Complementary Education Agency (CEA), with support from the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly, has trained 15 women in the municipality on how to make fabric softener. The programme was held on 3rd April, 2024 at old Assembly premises.

A fabric softener reduces the harsh feel of items dried in the open air, adds fragrance to laundry and/or imparts anti-­ static properties to textiles.

The Programme, which formed part of the CEA’s quarterly skills training, was to enhance the vocational skills and promote economic opportunities for individuals in the various communities.

Participants were introduced to after-wash making, ingredient selection, formulation techniques, packaging, and marketing strategies by a former agency trainee.

Mr. Zac Abrahams, the Director of CEA, Kpone-Katamanso, in an interview the Ghana News Agency, said the primary objective of the training was to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to produce high-quality household products.

He mentioned the empowerment the training would bring to individuals to create additional sources of income and improve their overall standard of living.

It included sessions on entrepreneurship, marketing fundamentals, pricing strategies, and customer engagement.

“The supplementary topics were aimed at equipping participants with the business acumen necessary to succeed in the competitive market; Mr. Abrahams stated.

The learners were advised to wear protective gear, ensure good ventilation, handle ingredients safely, have a first aid kit and emergency procedures in place, and maintain quality control when making the products.

Madam Sandra Boison, the Director for Culture, Creative Arts, and Tourism of the Assembly, urged learners to approach the training with dedication.

She reminded them that monthly monitoring was conducted to track how effectively they were applying the newly acquired skills to their businesses.




The Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) marked the 67th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence Day celebrations with a grand parade at the Kpone Methodist school park on 6th March, 2024. The event featured a host of activities aimed at celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage and reinforcing patriotism among the people.

Cadet Corps and students in parade

The Independence Day celebrations themed “Our Democracy, Our Pride” was marked by a colourful parade that saw members of the Ghana Police Service, school children, market women, beautician/fashion association and other stakeholders put on a tremendous display of military drills, cultural performances, and floats.

Mrs. Millicent Naa Maku Caesar

(Deputy Municipal Education Director)

In a welcome address delivered by Mrs. Millicent Naa Maku Caesar on behalf of the Municipal Education Director, Mr. Harry Evans Arthur, the Municipal Directorate expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Assembly and the chiefs for their invaluable support and collaboration towards promoting education within the Municipality.

Mrs. Caeser applauded the Assembly’s unwavering commitment towards ensuring that every child within the Municipality has access to quality education and opportunities for a brighter future. She also recognized the Assembly’s provision of furniture for learners, which has gone a long way towards creating a conducive learning environment for students.

Mrs. Caeser noted that the academic performance of students in the Municipality has significantly improved, and the reason could be attributed to the excellent work of the teachers who have been motivated to discharge their duties effectively.

In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Caeser urged the public to unite with the education directorate to continue shaping the future of the youth who are the true custodians of democracy and the pillars of our society. She emphasized the importance of continued partnership and collaboration towards promoting education, which remains an essential tool for socioeconomic development in any society.

MCE – Hon. Dr. Samuel Oko Amanquah

Hon. Dr. Samuel Oko Amanquah, in an address, expressed his gratitude to the dignitaries present at the event, highlighting their honourable contributions to the occasion.

He extended his heartfelt congratulations to the various cadet groups and schools who actively participated in the parade. He emphasized that their enthusiasm, dedication and display of patriotic fervour were acknowledged as an important aspect of maintaining the spirit of independence in the country.

The MCE emphasized that the occasion provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the journey of our nation and the progress made so far. He highlighted that the theme of this year’s 67th Independence Day serves as a critical reminder of the values that underpin our national identity. He explained further that democracy, with its principles of freedom, equality, and justice, is not merely a political system but a reflection of our shared aspirations and identity as Ghanaians. He noted that the theme of this year’s Independence Day celebration – “ Our Democracy, Our Pride” pointed out that, in the 67 years since independence, Ghana has made significant progress towards the consolidation of its democratic institutions and fostering a culture of civic engagement and participation through successive elections.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) emphasized the importance of recognizing the ongoing development and growth needed for a strong, democratic society. The MCE spoke on the continued struggles, including poverty, varying development concerns, and social inequality, that will challenge the precedent of our situation and our people’s unity.

To address these pressing concerns, the MCE called for a collective and unyielding commitment to finding innovative and effective solutions that prioritize the betterment of Ghana as a whole. He urged Ghanaians to draw strength and inspiration from their forefathers who fought for the country’s freedom.

The MCE also emphasized the necessity of diversity, inclusivity, and honesty in shaping the future and unlocking the potential of Ghana’s youth. Encouraging open dialogue and a willingness to work together, he expressed the importance of fostering an environment that allows for growth and continuous development for the benefit of all citizens.

     The Paramount Chief of Kpone (middle) traditional area and other opinion leaders

There was the presentation of awards to some students and schools that did well in last year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Schools that put up outstanding performances during the parading activities were also given awards.

Presentation of MCE’s special awards to best performing students

Several dignitaries that were in attendance, included the Presiding Member, traditional leaders, teachers, headteachers and the general public. These esteemed guests lauded the country’s rich cultural diversity and the role played by the democracy in its development.

Source: ISD,KKMA


The National Service Secretariat (NSS), Kpone-Katamanso Municipal organizes Orientation and Election for the National Service Personnel belonging to the 2023/2024 cohort of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality in the Greater Accra Region have chosen their leaders to lead and guide the Association throughout their One-Year mandatory Service term.

The Programme commenced with an Orientation led by the District Manager, Mr. Immanuel N. L. Lartey

The District Manager of the National Service Scheme (NSS) Kpone-Katamanso, Mr. Immanuel Nii-Larte Lartey, chaired the event where he urged Service Personnel to prioritize hard work and professional conduct while showing respect for authority and colleagues within the organization.

Mr. Lartey reiterated the significance of putting in maximum effort towards achieving success. He emphasized the need for commitment, dedication, and discipline in achieving set goals and objectives, urging personnel to focus on delivering prompt and efficient service delivery. He advised them to work hard and also communicate well with the personnel to raise the image of the Municipality higher.


With eight eager candidates in the running, the election was conducted smoothly and peacefully, reflecting a harmonious and organized process.

After online voting, the following emerged as the new NASPA Executives for the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal District for the 2023/2024 National Service Year:

President – Mr. Theodore Teidjain, Vice President – Mr Bismark Arthur, Secretary – Miss Bless Crystal Bani, Organizing Secretary – Mr. Philip Amoah, Financial Secretary – Mr. Bright Azameti and Women’s Commissioner – Miss. Racheal Kordai.

Their election comes after a hotly contested race where several capable candidates were vying for these positions.


Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Turkson, the Immediate Past NASPA President 2022/2023 for the Municipality who swore in the new executives, urged them to strive hard in unity for the good of the Association and the NSS.  

He charged the NSS Personnel to work with their newly elected executives and accord them the needed respect. He called for maximum cooperation and support to make Kpone-Katamanso NASPA, a great Association.

The following dignitories were also present at the programme namely: 2018/2019 NASPA President – Mr. David Fiaoxa, 2022/2023 NASPA President – Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Turkson, 2022/2023 NASPA Vice President – Mr. Berick O. A. Angmortey, 2022/2023 NASPA Secretary – Mrs. Grace Mensah, 2022/2023 NASPA Financial Secretary – Mr. Maxwell A. Bortey, all from Kpone Katamanso and the 2022/2023 NASPA President for Ashaiman Municipal – Mr. Ezekiel Quarshie.  In all, a total of one hundred and ten (110) attendance were recorded. 




The Third (3rd) ordinary meeting of the second (2nd) session of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly was held on Thursday, 26th October, 2023 at the Municipal Assembly Hall.

In his welcome remarks, the Presiding Member, Hon Joseph Gbeze expressed his gratitude to all Assembly members as well as Heads of Departments/ Units for attending the meeting and urged them to continue to maintain their commitment towards making the Kpone- Katamanso Municipal Assembly the most enviable Assembly in the Greater Accra Region.

Hon Joseph Gbeze flanked by the MCE, Hon Amanquah and Mr. Mohammed Ali Amadu, MCD

As enjoined by section 28(1) of the Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Samuel Oko Amanquah in his presentation of the Executive Committee’s report itemized a number of activities which have been carried out by the Assembly.  Reports and recommendations from the various sub-committees were also laid before the general house for discussion and approval. The reports touched on security, education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and sanitation. There was also the presentation of reports from the Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC) and the 2022 Auditors General.

A cross section of Assembly members at the ordinary meeting

After a lengthy debate, the house accepted the Executive Committee Reports.

Hon. Chachu making a submission

Heads of Departments and Units 


The 2024-2027 Composite Budget preparation has commenced in line with Regulations 17(3) of the Public Financial Management Regulations, 2019 LI 2378. In view of that, the MMDAs in the Greater Accra Region wee grouped into 10 zones.  The Kpone Katamanso Assembly was in zone 10 and was tasked to host Tema Metropolitan Assembly and Ashaiman Municipal Assembly for the 2023 Reginal budget hearing on 13th October, 2023.

Panel members who scrutinized the budget presented include officials from regional co-coordinating i.e. Chief Director Co-ordinating director Regional Budget Analyst, Senior Budget Analyst, Principal Accountant and Public Relations Officer. Also, Director of budget from office of head of local government service.

There was presentation by three Honorable Chief Executives and three budget officers on their Assemblies 2023 financial year performance and the outlook of 2024.



Our yesterday’s engagement with staff of Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly-Ghana Republic, was absolutely remarkable. The reception and hospitality was at a gratifyingly high level that one maybe worried should a kindness of such be offered in return.

The people are amazingly friendly and loveable. What is mind-strking is their kindness and willingness to overtly share their knowledge and experience with strangers about local governance and their enriched culture.

Their local foods are impressively wonderful and appealing. At Buffet Restaurant, cross-section of the delegation enjoyed eating *_’Banku_* ‘, a tilapia fish with pounded cassava, plantain/yam, whilst others found pleasure in eating a similar prepared recipe of tilapia fish with variety of vegetables.( *Eating fish as a meal instead of condiment)*_. 

An unforgettable local food we ate is also the sourceless rice with a fetching aromatic smell of brownish sticky paste, called _’ *Shito* ‘_ which can be traditionally eaten with ‘banku’ and many other Ghanian dishes.

The Head of Delegation for the study tour, Madam Vivian Sally Senesi expressed positive sentiments about the long standing diplomatic ties both countries share and the need to strengthen the bonds for a better Africa.

She briefly gave an overview of the study tour and its objective. CA Vivian entreated officials to both share their strengths and weaknesses so best practices from either partner country could be domesticated and recommendations proffered to be adopted for improvement on their weaknesses.

Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly is a progeny of Tema Metropolitan Assembly. The municipal District is vastly made of Savannah land with a population of about 417, 334 (2012 Census) with four zonal Councils.

On local economy, the Assembly majorly harnesses revenue from services, industrial sector/commerce and 20% agriculture. Despite extinction on its arable land.

A peculiar revenue mobilization strategy was shared, wherein collections are done in weekends, holidays and also at night to nab apathetic rate payers. Also, the issuance of Administrative summon letters to tax defaulters who are engaged on reasons for not complying with tax obligations which is normally followed by a prosecution action as a last resort, is also a good practice.

The waste management system is moderately satisfactory with looming prospects to be improved upon in the near future, despite the Assembly is without a waste management department.

Their sludge pool is technologically operated at a treatment plant in Accra, built in 1925. The treated water from sewage is used as coolant for thermal machines in factories.

What Sierra Leone’s councils must also operationalize to the letter is the use of sanitary facilities as a basic requirement for issuance and approval of building permit.

The Assembly’s afforestation strategy is designed in such that a day is dedicated in honour of World Environment day in June 5, called ‘Green Ghana’, wherein thousands of trees are planted and maintained to curb climate change.

On roads and infrastructure, the Assembly is mandated to do minor pavement of roads; a reason for having 40km of paved roads and feeder roads within Kpone Katamanso district.

Conclusively, Councils in Sierra Leone also share common challenges on revenue mobilization, waste and water management and what could be unique is the commitment in getting those challenges resolved for an efficient service delivery.

A souvenir of Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly’s service delivery charter for 2023 was presented to the delegation.

On the whole, the engagement was interactive and educative, despite the planned field visit to their landfill sites and investment projects was abortive due to circumstances beyond control.




On 23rd of August 2023, the Kpon-Katamanso Municipal Assembly donated assorted food items to the Kpone Traditional Council in support of the annual Homowo celebrations. This gesture was to aid in the preparation of the traditional festive meals “Kpokpoi” to fete residents and visitors. The items donated included bags of maize, palm oil, bags of rice, soft drinks, bottled water, alcohol (schnapps) and cash.

 Nii Ofosu Obli, Mankralo of Kpone, who received the gifts, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Chiefs, elders and residents. He explained that Homowo was a time to unite and commemorate the day the ancestors won victory over hunger, hooted at it and ridiculed it with songs and dancing.  He stated that some of the major challenges facing the Municipality are acute water shortage and bad road network and appealed to the Assembly to assist to provide such basic needs of residents in order to improve their living conditions.

The Municipal Co-ordinating Director (MCD), Mr Mohammed Ali Amadu expressed his gratitude to the elders present at the event. He stated that the Assembly had been donating to support the Homowo celebrations and reiterated the Assembly’s support and contributions to the Homowo festival celebrations. He noted that the Assembly recognizes the essence of traditional festivals in promoting unity and peace in the Municipality.  Mr. Amadu reiterated the importance of festivals in the country and how it helps to promote domestic tourism for the development of the country.

Mr. Samuel Akpeng, personal assistant to the MCE; assured the Elders of maximum security during the celebrations and urged residents especially the youth to observe the sanctity of the festival and desist from engaging in violence and social vices. He also advised all and sundry to comport themselves during the celebration of the festival.

        Assorted food items donated to the Kpone Traditional Council

Mr. Mohammed Ali Amadu presenting food items to Nii Ofosu Obli, Mankralo of Kpone


A three (3)-member delegation headed by the Chief Director of Local Government Service (LGS); Mrs. Lillian Baeka Esq, Ms. Ama Boahemaa, Public Relation Officer and Miss Bernice Tsaka, an Administration Officer on 22nd August 2023 paid a working visit to the staff of Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA).

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE); Hon Samuel Okoe Amanquah in his welcome speech noted that, it was the first time a sitting Chief Director was paying a working visit to KKMA. He stated that, it was an indication of her readiness to work not in isolation but as a major team player in the forward match towards the achievement of their shared goals and objectives. He further stated that, he was confident that her visit will afford staff of KKMA, the opportunity to hear from her, some of the protocols of the Local Government Service which most staffs has reneged on over the years. He added that her visit will be a wake up call on all staffs to remind them of the need to remember their first love for their jobs.

Hon. MCE said he had no doubt in his mind that her visit will grant her the chance to share her vision with staff of the Assembly and furthermore, blow a new wind of commitment to duty.   He urged all staff about the renewal of their minds for greater responsibilities. He commended Mrs. Beaka for her uprightness, forthrightness and fairness to all manner of persons.

Hon. Amanquah humbly asked her to impact some of the aforementioned virtues to the staffs of the Local Government Service, especially those at KKMA.

He encouraged all heads of Department and Units to remember at all times that they owe the service the responsibility to ensure that the people they work with abide by the rules and regulations of the service and also ensure that they lead by clear example.  He noted that, KKMA is one of the few Assemblies, which never default in the payment of IGF salaries. He also noted the contract performance assessment undertaken by the RCC and touted the achievement of the Assembly ranking, ranking from the position of 93rd to the 9th position is a major achievement in their effort to achieve success. He pleaded with the Chief Director RCC to support KKMA in whichever way and on whichever platform she’s given, especially regarding the poor roads in the Municipality, which is a major challenge in the Municipality.

The MCD; Mr. Mohammed Ali Amadu, in his address encouraged staffs to t come to work early and discharge their duties professionally to make KKMA an enviable institution.  He advised staff to accept new posting undertaken by the Regional office since it is an opportunity to acquire new experiences.

The Chief Director in her opening remarks applauded KKMA for doing well in the last contract performance assessment, for moving from 93rd position to 9th position. She stated that lateness is a canker and would not be tolerated under her watch. She emphasized that she be undertaking an unannounced visits to the various MMDAs. She also urged staff to prepare and submit their reports on time to the RCC. She advised against ‘cooking reports and minutes’ for meetings and programs since it was unprofessional to cook reports without conducting the meetings and programs. She encouraged management to approve MEMO for programs and meetings to enable Departments and Units to undertake their core functions as required to bring an end to ‘cooking minutes’ She insisted that all programs and events must be undertaken. She also stated that posting must be accepted irrespective of where one is posted, because it gives staff the opportunity to learn new ways of doing things and the new experiences will go a long way to shape the Local Government Service.

During the open forum, few questions were asked and the Chief Director addressed them.


MCE; Samuel Okoe Amanquah giving out his speech

Chief Director of LGS; Mrs. Lillian Baeka giving out her speech

Staff present at the familiarization visit by Chief Director of LGS

Credit: ISD, KKMA.



The NASPA Youth Empowerment Summit 2023 (NYES) was held on Friday, 14th July 2023 at the Mt. Sinai Methodist Church, Kpone on the theme “Sustainable Youth Empowerment; The Role of National Service Personnel”

The summit sought to create a platform for the service personnel at Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly (KKMA) to come together to share ideas and collaborate on innovative solutions for a sustainable future. It brought together some of the brightest minds and most passionate personalities in the Municipality to discuss pressing issues about the youth and to take actions towards entrepreneurship and sustainable world for the youth in Ghana.

Heads of Department and National Service Personnel at the Summit

Mr Samuel Noi Mensah, a Human Resource practitioner spoke to participants about building a career in a new era. He advised them to acquire IT skills, build a good curriculum vitae and find better ways of doing things in order survive.

For his part, Mr Samuel T.K. Morton who represented the Member of Parliament for the Kpone constituency, Hon Joseph Akuerteh Tettey told participants that whatever they wanted to do in the future starts from today. He encouraged all participants to ask what they can do for themselves and start working towards it.

The District Manager of the NSS, Mr. Immanuel Nii-Larte Lartey said the summit started in 2020/2021 service year to empower service personnel to be ready and innovative for the job market and also create their own businesses or jobs. He added that it was the time for them to put
in their applications to institutions for employment.

The NYA Municipal Youth Director, Ms. Janice Anaman-Mensah said the motive for the summit was to empower service personnel who would soon join the job market. She added that the event will equip them with the requisite entrepreneurial skills to advance them in the existing competitive job market. She also explained and admonished all service personnel the need to understand that they can be entrepreneurs and have multiple sources of income, and to leverage the opportunities available to become successful entrepreneurs on their own, no matter how small they are.

The NYA Municipal Youth Director, Ms. Janice Anaman-Mensah addressing participants.

 The Member of Parliament for Tema Central, Hon. Yves Nii Noi Hanson-Nortey also stressed that the government, through the YouStart programme, has created an opportunity for the youths to access funding that they can use to develop their businesses, noting that it is therefore up to them to harness these opportunities. He urged them to avail themselves of the program the government has provided and take advantage of the opportunity to grow their small businesses. He said, “Life is not a rehearsal; therefore, take advantage of every opportunity given and get rid of the mentality of always being a servant; you can be a master of your own”. 

The Member of Parliament for Tema Central, Mr. Yves Hanson-Nortey delivering his speech.

Mr. Samuel Okoe Amanquah, the Municipal Chief Executive of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly, also added that because of the hard work and discipline of some past personnel, the Assembly has employed them to continue their work. He again said that although jobs are difficult to come by it is important for the personnel to create their own businesses for income. 

“Most of the personnel posted to institutions complain, absent themselves, and sometimes disrespect their superiors, therefore, work hard, be creative, and be innovative in every role you are given”, he added. 

The MCE; Hon Samuel Okoe Amanquah delivering his speech



The National Commission for Civic Education-Kpone Katamanso Municipal Office as part of its duties to educate citizens on their rights and obligations equally extends this act to schools in the municipality where civic education officers have clubs in various schools where the learners are introduced to aspects of the constitution being simplified to their understanding.

The aim was to raise good citizens. In order to mix the class engagements with a fun-filled experience, the N.C.C. E-Kpone Katamanso Office on the 29th June, 2023 took the Sweet Roses of Sharon Civic Club and Oxford International Civics Clubs on an excursion to tour the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and the Parliament House respectively.

 The objective of the excursion was to for the learners to appreciate the law making process, get a feel of press freedom and also to encourage them to study hard to secure jobs in high places as they engaged with the Member of Parliament for the Kpone Katamanso Municipality, on. Joseph Akuerteh Tetteh who came along with other notable members of the august house such as Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa(North Tongu) and Hon. Comfort Doyoe (Ada-East) among others. The honourable members charged the learners to study hard and raise the flag of Ghana high wherever they find themselves. The learners were glad to have had such an experience which has increased the patronage of the clubs in the schools in the municipality as they wait to visit other interesting yet educative places.   

Oxford International Civics Club at the GBC Studios


As part of ensuring environmental cleanliness within communities gave towards the promotion of good health and productivity, regular cleaning of residential premises and public places must be encouraged. It is in light of this that the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) in collaboration with the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit (EHSU) of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly undertook a clean-up exercise on Friday, the 12th day of May, 2023 at the ZEKKAS Zonal Council.

At about 7:00am, all personnel gathered at the Zenu Cluster of schools. The Municipal NSS Manager; Mr. Immanuel Nii Larte Lartey in his remarks stated that the decision to embark on the clean-up exercise in Zenu Township was to emphasize the importance of keeping a clean and healthy environment. He also stated that Zenu was chosen because it was a commercial town with a market and lorry stations which needed to be clean at all times. It was also a way of educating the residents and operators at these areas so they could repeat similar activities as a way of keeping their immediate surroundings clean. The NASPA President, Emmanuel Turkson also added that the exercise was planned by the entire NASPA executives as a step to achieve the association’s goal on environmental health and sanitation “To encourage personnel to imbibe the spirit of volunteerism, patriotism, leadership and dedication.

The Assembly organized the cleaning tools with a compactor truck for the exercise. Two teams were then created for the exercise. One was at the Zenu school junction and the others were at Atadeka. At Zenu school junction, participants desilted the silted drains on both sides on the main roads, towards the market area to the star oil filling station. Aside the desilting, there were sweeping, weeding and collection of solid waste matter.

At Atadeka, the exercise began at the bridge towards the Atadeka station. Both drains at the side of the road were desilted, with other personnel sweeping and gathering other receptacles. Environmental Health Officer from the ZEKKAS zonal council joined the personnel to supervise the conduct of the exercise.

At about 12:30pm, both groups completed the scheduled tasks and assembled at the Atadeka Zonal office for closure. During the gathering, Immanuel lartey, the NSS Manager asked personnel to socialize by interacting with each other to share some experiences so far gained at their various departments, since they were s erving at different Zonal Councils.

Mr. Michael Ewurah, a Public Health Analyst in the Environmental and Sanitation Unit thanked the personnel on behalf of the Assembly for a great work done. He reiterated that these exercises as conducted were to assist in creating awareness in the communities for community members to become responsible in cleaning their immediate environments as part of the implementation of the Operation Clean Your Frontage bye-laws. He promised the personnel of Assembly’s continuous support towards such community activities.      

Mr. Immanuel Lartey; NSS Manager supporting NASPA personnel.

NSS personnel distilling choked gutters

NSS personnel’s sweeping the compound of Zenu Cluster of School

 NSS personnel’s gathering rubbish around the gutters

A great team of volunteer


The Chief Justice, His Lordship Justice Anin Yeboah on May 18th 2023 inaugurated the first ever court to be built in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality. The court was funded through the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) and is part of projects by the government to build 120 courts and 150 bungalows for the judiciary throughout the country.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon Samuel Okoe Amanquah in his welcome address expressed his profound gratitude on behalf of the people of Kpone-Katamanso to the chief of Gbetsile and Divisional council for giving land free of charge for the building of the court. He appealed to other well-meaning individuals and companies to emulate such worthy gesture by investing in useful projects that will benefit the entire community. Hon. Amanquah noted that the court will handle cases within the Municipality and its surrounding communities and ultimately help to enhance justice delivery in order to bring relief to the people in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality and beyond.

The Chief of Gbetsile, Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah Sune I in his remarks expressed his gratitude to officials of Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly and the Government for their immense support towards making the project come to fruition. He pleaded with the Government to construct the deplorable roads within the Municipality.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon Henry Quartey for his part said he was excited to be part of such historic and memorable event. He admonished the Traditional authorities and the general public to patronize the courts and desist from settling cases that have to be properly adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction. He also asked the judicial service to collaborate with the Municipal Assembly to ensure strict enforcement of sanitation bye-laws to help facilitate the “Operation Clean Your Front” campaign by the Greater Accra Coordinating Council.

The Chief Justice of the Republic, Justice Anim Yeboah in his inaugural speech expressed appreciation to the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly and all stakeholders, including the Gbetsile Traditional Council, for their contributions to addressing the challenges of access to justice in the Municipality. He added that the facility would not only ensure access to justice but also attract businesses and investors to the Municipality. Justice Anin urged the judicial service staff who would be manning the court to exhibit a high sense of professionalism in the delivery of their mandate.

Dignitaries who graced the occasion included the Member of Parliament for Kpone Constituency,  Hon Joseph Akuerteh Tettey, the MCD; Mr. Joshua  Adams Asihene, Hon Agbeshi Laryea; Former MP for Ashiaman, Staff of the Judicial Service, High Ranking Officers of the Ghana Police  Service, the clergy, Assembly members and the media.     


His Lordship Justice Anin Yeboah delivering his inaugural speech

Hon. Henry Quarter, Greater Accra Regional Minister, seated to his right is Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah; Municipal Chief Executive of KKMA.

Nii Teye Kojo Amanquah SuneI; Chief of Gbetsile

The MCE in a pose with Hon Quarter and Justice Anin Yeboah

Dignitaries in a group picture

Unveiling of plaque by His Lordship Justice Anin Yeboah


A staff durbar was held at the forecourt of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly on Friday, 31st March 2023. The meeting was held with the purpose of deliberating on the issues that bothers on staff members.

The MCE; Hon Samuel Oko Amanquah in his welcome remarks and outlined some of the challenges being faced by the Assembly. He stated that revenue mobilization has been a challenge due to the several economic hardship and central Government taking over property rate collection from the Assembly which has made it difficult to pay the monthly salaries of the 188 internal generated fund (IGF) staff of the Assembly. He encouraged staff to discharge their duties professionally to give the Assembly a positive image. He touched on lateness to work and entreated all and sundry to be punctual and disciplined at all times.


Mr. Kwame Asamoah Dwomoh, of CLOGSAG was present with other executives at the staff durbar.in an address, Mr Dwomoh spoke about the Pension Act 208, new condition of service for workers and neutrality allowance. He also enlightened staff on the Pempamsie fund and workman compensation.

The MCD; Mr Joshua Adams Asihene answering questions during the open forum.

Members of staff were given the opportunities to ask questions on issues that were bothering them and also offer constructive suggestions. Some of the issues raised by staff included office accommodation, lack of logistics to work with, transportation to the office, better condition of service especially for IGF staff, allowance for extra duties, among others.

The MCD; Mr  Adams Asihenerevealed to members of staff that management will soon renovate the various offices and also put up a canteen for staff at the office premises. He also assured staff that all their concerns will be critically looked at.

Banks, insurance companies and estate developers were present at the staff durbar to sell their products to staff.


The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Samuel Okoe Amanquah on the 10th January, 2023 donated some polytanks to some selected electoral areas to enhance accessibility and to improve on sanitation.

The MCE, in October, 2022 embarked on a community engagement to all electoral areas within the Municipality. The visit was for the MCE to acquaint himself with challenges faced by the constituents within the Electoral Areas.

During the visit, it was disclosed that, Bossah, Hebron and Onukpai Abu Electoral Areas had challenges with water supply.

The MCE, moved by the disturbing information of lack of water supply, he promised to provide them with poly-tanks to help salvage the situation to some extent.

Bemoaning the lack of water supply to those areas, the Hon. Amanquah indicated to the gathering that, the lack of water could lead to life threatening diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio, which could eventually affect the general wellbeing of the people in the Municipality.

He added that, to reduce the occurrence of some diseases in the Areas, the constant supply of water was very essential. He further stated that, in line with the Government Programme on National Community Water and Sanitation Strategy (NCWSS) to ensure Universal coverage for water and sanitation services by 2025, which in detail terms means, “ all people living in Ghana have access to adequate, safe, affordable and reliable basic water service, practice safe sanitation and hygiene and that water resources are sustainably managed” and also in line with Strategic Development Goal (SDG’s), the SDG 6 is an ambitious desire to “ensure availability abd Sustainable Management of water and Sanitation for All” by 2030. Targets 6.1 and 6.2 calls for safe drinking water, sanitation abd hygiene for the equitable access to safe and adequate services for all, as well as end open defecation. The Government of Ghana has aligned itself to the goal and targets and is working tirelessly to achieve them.

He also added that, plans are far advanced to ensure that Ghana Water Company extends water supply to the areas in need. Also, the Assembly together with the various Assembly members are exploring further opportunities for drilling Bore-holes in the communities facing acute water shortages.

He advised the people to keep their surroundings clean, pay their property rates and required tolls to assist the Assembly to provide the needed services to the entire Municipality.

In this regard, the Hon. MCE decided to fulfil his promise to the people by providing them with 3 units of 9000 liter capacity poly-tanks to these Electoral Areas.

The presentation was made on behalf of the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive by the Co-ordinating Director Mr. Joshua Adams Asihene, supported by other Heads of Departments in the Assembly.

Mr. Joshua Adams Asihene presenting the poly-tanks to the Assembly men.

The Assembly member for the Hebron Electoral Area Hon. George N. Ahinguah received the poly-tanks on behalf of all the Electoral Areas. In his remarks, he expressed his appreciation to the Municipal Chief Executive for fulfilling his promise. He also acknowledged that providing the Electoral Areas with poly-tanks will help reduce water shortage in their respective Electoral Areas, and pledged that the poly-tanks will be used for its purpose and they will also ensure regular maintenance to enhance its longevity in water storage and supply.